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Presentation Tips

As a presenter, we cannot simply assume that we will have the undivided attention of our audience.

Many members of your audience have many other things on their mind that are competing for their attention …… emails that may be waiting for them, another meeting they will be attending, a report requiring more thought, a phone call they have to make …….

If we are going to grab their attention, and have a positive impact, then we need to appear professional in our presentation delivery. Here are a few quick tips ……

  1. Dress appropriately for your audience – whether this is casual or more business-like depends on the forum, and you do not want your appearance to be a distraction from your message
  2. Ensure your language is also appropriate and pitched at the level of your audience – and be careful of being overly- familiar (for example, the term “you guys” might be used with your workgroup, but not with a client group)
  3. Move around a little – but not to the point of distraction
  4. Put some energy and animation into your delivery – the audience need to see that you have some enthusiasm for your message. Use some hand gestures to help maintain interest.
  5. Be careful of speaking too quickly, which can be a consequence of nerves – and PAUSE occasionally, to help give emphasis to your key points, as well as allowing opportunity for your audience to digest the points
  6. Prepare for both a strong opening and strong close to your presentation – first and last impressions are particularly influential in what the audience will take away.
  7. Try to enjoy yourself …… if you can, it’s a bit more likely that your audience will be too!
  • How To Open Your Presentation With “A Bang”

Scott, who is also known as the Name Tag guy,  may appear a little off-beat to some of you at first – however he offers three great strategies for opening your presentation or speech in a way that is sure to grab the attention of your audience.

Notice the enthusiasm and vitality that he projects himself as a speaker, and the clear way in which he numerates his three tips. Learning to open your presentation with an attention-grabbing style is one of the  most important presentation skills to master…..

  • Developing Confidence As A Presenter

Patriica Stark from Craving Confidence offers some great tips on building self-confidence as a public speaker. She is both a fluent and enthusiastic speaker herself,  and she makes an important point that confidence partly derives from familiarity. Because you are probably not delivering presentations on a regular on-going basis, it is natural to feel some anxiety when you are asked to deliver a presentation to a group.  See what you think of her advice ….

  • Pause and Pace When Presenting

A crucial presentation skill is learning the appropriate use of pause and pace when presenting to a group. In the following brief video clip, the speaker offers some excellent advice. He explains the need to speak at a conversational pace, and to use pause to allow the audience to digest key points …..

  • Presentation Training

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