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Control Your Public Speaking Anxiety

Public speaking anxiety is very common and this causes many people to do anything they can to avoid being called upon to deliver presentations at work.

If this sounds like you, then the good news is that there are a variety of ideas and strategies that can be learned that will help you to gain some control over such anxiety. In the short video clip that follows, some ideas include ……

  1. Keep things in perspective
  2. Imagine  positive scenes and affirm positive thoughts about your presentation
  3. Speak up and stand up straight – project the appearance of confidence
  4. Self-expectations – have realistic expectations of yourself, you don’t have to be perfect

You’ll probably never be entirely free of nerves – but you can learn to control them.

Also keep in mind that without some anxiety, you would likely become complacent …… your nerves prompt you to invest time in being well prepared. Use that nervous energy to your advantage – and remember there can be a fine line between feeling apprehensive about what might go wrong, versus feeling excited about the opportnnity to shine.

If you are based in Melbourne, and looking for a Presentation Skills course that can be delivered in-house for your company, visit Presentation Course Melbourne. …….. Or give us a call, phone (03) 9725 3777