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Take A Risk – Try Being More Outgoing

Improving your presentation skills and public speaking ability requires you to take some risk – which is certainly what you would be doing if you participate in any type of Presentation Training course ……. You would be encouraged to engage in some skills practice and would likely receive some feedback and coaching along the way, to help you pinpoint some specific areas for improvement in your presentation delivery (although, such feedback should also serve to positively affirm some of your presentation strengths as well)

However, for those of us who are not naturally outgoing by nature, delivering a presentation in the workplace and even the very thought of public speaking can prove to be a very harrowing experience.

Keith Ferrazzi is an energetic and passionate speaker who shares some great advice on learning how to be more outgoing. His ideas are relevant to many people who may be struggling to overcome a fear of public speaking.

He reminds us that if we avoid taking a risk and refuse to put ourselves “out there”, whether it be through engaging in networking or accepting a public speaking opportunity in the workplace, that we can miss out on otherwise exciting opportunities to possibly exercise some influence, advance our career and / or build new, rewarding relationships.

Many people, despite outward appearances, do not find it easy to be outgoing – and yet they have learned how to succesfully manage some of that internal anxiety and progress forward to eventually become effective public speakers . See what you think of his insights ….

For more Presentation Training advice on how to deal with the anxiety of public speaking, visit another one of our pages Overcoming Presentation Nerves

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