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Inspiring Speakers

  • No Limbs, And No Limits

Nick Vujicic is a very inspiring young man. Born without arms or legs, and yet not allowing this to limit his ability to lead a life rich in  both achievement and fulfillment.

In this short clip, observe the public speaking skills which Nick so effectively employs ……. his artful use of humour, the way he involves and engages his audience and his great vocal projection. Nick projects a natural vitality and enthusiasm that makes it hard not to give him anything but your complete attention……

Have a look at our page,  Inspiring Speakers  to see some more examples of the best speakers in action

Truly inspiring speakers have the capacity to not only speak with passion and sincerity from their heart, but they also express their message in a way that appeals to the ideals and aspirations of their audience.  They will often use stories or parables to communicate their ideas. Presentation training might not teach you to be a Martin Luther King, but it might offer you a safe environment to experiment with ways of expressing more enthusiasm in your message.

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